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Live 3D Data Visualization Systems

High Performance Visualization Engine

Our signature visualization engine work with real-time data, IoT, remote or local data sources, including but not limited to MySQL databases, generates visualizations for Git Repositories, Wikipedia graphs, RSS feeds.

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Versatile technical graphics

Visualize multivariate dataset in a breath. A solution to displays data of multiple types and from multiple sources. It supports 3D models, images and video, as well as various topologies and geometries. Connect live data from IoTs, databases, and generates files, code, and RSS visualizations.

Data Fusion

Contextual awareness

The engine support multiple types and sources of data to generate a datascape with as many variables as needed. This allows you to explore your data within the bigger picture, raising your level of situational awareness.

Efficient data viz workflow

Modular Turnkey Systems

GaiaViz provides modular turnkey equipment for your data projects. Complex data take a lot of resources to go through : computing power, brain juice and even skeleton pains ! -yes, sitting hours in front of the screen has real consequences. Helping businesses, researches and institutions to visually explore their complex data. Modeling your data in a 3D environment.

GaiaViz offers turnkey systems for professional and painless Data Viz workflows.

Edge computing

Distribute and load balance your processing needs.

Biocybernetic sensors

GPU Server Processing

Performant processing equipment for real-time rendering operations.

Tactile Control Surfaces

XR Displays Systems

Immersive displays

Power User Station

The GaiaViz team brings your data into a high performance 3D visualization engine.

A multiverse at your fingertips to explore any dimension.

IoT + Edge computing

Workers Safety : Firefighting : Monitor team health with intelligent edge sensors

with Edge AI

Save bandwidth and increase efficiency:
AI processing at the sensor source with live streamed results.

Cinema Quality Data

Exquisite color in your hands via proprietary LED lamp technology. Zero maintenance and no special power and cooling infrastructure required.

3-chip DLP

Professional digital light

12-bit color

Deep colors and contrasts for more realistic visualizations

LED Lamp

Reduced operating cost

24/7 Operation