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We provide data visualizations design and development services and specialize in live and interactive 3D projects.

Our efforts are designed to increase both analytic capacity and engagement.

We wish to bring fun in computing and data ! GaiaViz distributes 3D interactive data viz with all necessary services and support to all who wish to explore their data with the most performance.

Our unique solution is strong 14 years of development through various governmental and academic grants and with tried-and-trued results. We offer a cognitive-friendly and performant 3D data-visualization engine capable of outstanding performance.

We provide business, government and healthcare our signature 3D visualization solutions as well as our technical expertise through the GaiaViz company to ensure you the best data project possible, with a dedicated team at your service.

Meet the team behind GaiaViz

Shane Saxon
CEO & co-founder

Shane forged cyberspace since it emerged, from Media Lab with the first cyberpunk video blends to Berkeley labs, he has always integrated computer science with graphics arts.

Claire B. Saxon
COO & co-founder

Claire solves complex questions with a creative mind, finds several solutions and spots the fastest one. From scientific research to communication campaigns and business development.
Draws and likes puzzles.

Our services in a nutshell

Turnkey Systems

  • Edge-computing
  • Work-station
  • Server hardware

Content Creation

  • Studio-quality content production
  • Live installations
  • Website embedding

Datascape Design

  • 3D interactive data visualization
  • Custom data interface
  • Data fusion