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3D Data Visualization Design

Versatile technical graphics to inspire the mind

Supporting your data viz workflow
From exploration to storytelling

Choose 3D visualization to take your audience on a journey through the depths of your data, to fully immerse in the information and gain a deeper understanding of the insights you are trying to convey. Finally Understand Your Data with Cognitive-Friendly Modeling. Our unique solution encodes any depth of dimensional information into a datascape that you can fully immerse yourself in to make wiser decisions. our services are a great opportunity to discover the power of 3D in terms of data density, complex data structure and ease of communication

Unexpected insights and discovery, easier communication and more efficient decision making.

Our 3-phase process

Advanced 3D data visualizations for a new level of understanding


Discovery-driven analytics : Real-time interactivity make it easier to explore and understand the data

Exploring data in an unstructured way to discover unexpected patterns and insights

cognitive-friendly – immersive – Interactive – intuitive


Incorporate visualizations tailored to your specific needs of your project

High quality

High resolution, accurate and detailed visualizations : more information, more spatial context, more complete picture.

Particularly useful to quickly and easily identify the spatial distribution of complex data set with multiple variables



useful in various contexts, from

  • scientific research
  • to business intelligence
  • and data analysis


nD Topologies – multidimensional data

Time Series

GIS data

Big Data – Breadth

Deep Data – Depth





Included in DataScape Design






custom GUI

Work Examples for Inspiration

Location – Radiation level – Time


6 Million Readings

17 Months

1 Hidden Story

Data doesn’t lie, or does it? It depends on how it is collected, analyzed and presented. Sometimes, it is the missing data that tells the truth.

It can be difficult to detect deceptive data collection, tampering, fabrication or cyber meddling. Especially when performing the arduous task of analyzing millions of records with standard statistics or even AI.

What if you could just fly through and see everything?

Now you get to use the most powerful intelligence system known on Earth, the human brain! We are innately able recognize patterns that would take months, years or perhaps never be found with conventional analysis. Even AI does not match our innate pattern recognition abilities.

Radiation at Fukushima was stated to be steadily declining. However, when seeing the data in our immersive 3D environment, it becomes obvious something is wrong. Rather than see a downward trend in hotspots, you notice they simply start disappearing altogether.

These gaps in the data turned out to be no accident. They were the result of intentional manipulation of the collection process to give the false appearance that things were getting better. By occasionally avoiding known hotspots the ‘average’ radiation levels appeared to be declining.

We let you see ALL of your data, which makes it harder to be fooled. Remember, your brain is the best tool you have and it is really good at noticing anomalies.

International News Visualization

Trends discovery

52 News sources

26 Countries

12 Languages

112K Feeds Read

274 Terms Counted

27 Secs to Process

Our 3D interactive tools let you discover complex relationships that often evade standard analysis.

Did you know that news coverage in Russia dropped off over a week before any announcement of a media crackdown was reported?

An insight that took only moments to see. Exploring further revealed that at the same time, a reorientation of key terms took place for some news outlets in India, Turkey and South Korea.

These patterns were quickly gleamed from a vast dataset that spans a dozen languages in 26 countries from over a hundred thousand articles.

See the unspoken and spot emerging trends before they make the news.

Visual analysis lets you find patterns in languages you don’t even know!

Identifying Twitter Bots


“Twitter timeline towers visualize the entire 3200 most recent tweets of a specific Twitter user account. Twitter restricts tweet collection to the most recent 3200 tweets. To my understanding this is non-negotiable. If I could visualize all tweets from a specific account, I would. That’s what I love to do. Sadly, that’s not an option, so I’m doing the best I can with what I have. It’s an interesting restriction, in some ways working with this constraint simplifies things.

Our initial goal with these towers was to find ways of visually distinguishing between Twitter bots and not-bots. We also created a ‘perceptualization’ combining visual and audio information rendered synchronously to simulate a ‘music box’ or ‘player piano’ effect.

– Jeff Sales

High Performance Sport and Bio-FeedBack


How to use your Data Scapes ?
Our signature 3D data visualizations have various deployments options.
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